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Mark has made that last part – community – easy with the creation of the Pickle Posse. The Posse is named after Pickle Road – the location of Mark’s actual home and studio and is made up of quilters from all over the world who belong to the Yahoo group. It is the place to socialize with other fun, interesting, and open-minded quilters and crafters.

The placement of mirrors on a wall that is opposite of windows can brighten up a room. A nice mirror can reflect the window’s light and make it look like there are two windows. This will make the room more light and bright.

Leads. I’ve taken thousands of calls — sign calls, cuisine at home calls, and website calls and inquiries from the worst possible listings. Often those over-priced homes that look so awesome attract hundreds of calls from other buyers who may never consider buying that listing. And leads are extremely valuable. Ask an agent that has none.

Often, simply changing the room color can be a dramatic change. If you are unsure about how to update your kitchen, visit a model home. This will give you an idea of what the newest trends in kitchens. It may provide just the inspiration you need to get your own remodeling project started. If your visit does not provide any inspiration, try some home magazine and websites. These sites and magazines will give you information on the cutting edge trends. Print or cut out the items that you like the most. You will quickly realize that a particular style or trend is jumping out at you.

Starting with a home magazine, online search or books is helpful in giving you ideas and inspiration for your custom cabinets. Magazine pictures can solve any indecision that you may have. With your picture in hand, you can visit your local home improvement store, showroom or a specialty store to access their thousands of design schemes Put on your creative hat and get wild with colors, style and designs. Ask for help if you need to. You can take along a friend that has similar taste like you do to help you with making the right choice. Your custom cabinets usually take up to eight weeks to be completed and delivered and so if you are strapped for time, this would not be your immediate choice.